Love Triangle

wow. the crowd was filled with some serious horny girls. i lost track of how many girls jmac fucked. every where he turned there was pussy in front of him. there were constantly two girls on and around his cock and balls. it was like his dick was a pussy magnet. they went in rotations from his cock to some pussy and ass. nothing when untouched. the ladies were licking and sucking everything in sight like a feeding frenzy. they definitely didn't go hungry. i'm not even sure how they had the ability to walk out at the end of the night especially jmac. he was on overdrive. the ladies were so hot and horny. tits and asses were bouncing the moment they got out of the limo to the second they got back in.

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Categories: Group Hardcore Drunk Party Orgy Licking Pussy Reality

Models: Adriana Checnik Shelby Paige


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