One Leg Up

my lifelong dream to exit this life fucking a hot milf inched a little closer after i tore my achilles tendon at a bar while i was drunk and goofing off. i contacted a nursing company to send me a live in nurse and bobbi stopped by to find out more information on my needs. we hit it off great after i lied about saving a child from a burning building and telling her that is how i was injured. like the perfect wing man he has always been came through with the great support and we bagged this petite milf. i had to bang her on crutches but after i took a look at her ass, i thought it was worth getting hopped up on a bunch of pain killers to numb the pain in my foot. now i know i can even hunt while wounded. my skills for hunting milfs continues to amaze even myself.

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Models: Bobbi Brixton bobbi


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